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Create a fraction of the emissions of any wood-burning appliance on the market.

Masonry stoves are the most environmentally safe and most efficient of all the wood burning appliances.

We offer a solid fuel burning hydronic device that can be retro fitted directly to your boiler system and hot water heater so you heat your home with the cheapest renewal energy.



Masonry heaters burn 1.25 GPH of particulates. Which is less than half of the Borough standard of (PM 2.5 ) GPH.

• Burns 2-4 cords per year. Compared to 6-10 cords for traditional wood stoves.

• The hydronic mechanical system can be hooked up to your current heating system.

• 90% heat retention as compared to 50% for traditional wood stoves.

• It has an automatic timer damper.

• Bake oven for cooking.

• Absorbs up the fire's heat in the masonry mass and releases it evenly for hours..

​• Allowing a tree to fall and rot in the woods produces more carbon than burning it in a masonry heater!


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