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I am a third generation mechanical contractor born And raised in Fairbanks, AK . The first time I watched a heater being built and then fired, I said that is the most efficient way I've ever seen to make heat, find me bigger heat exchangers ( coils ) and I'll show you how this works. I started in the alternative energy business doing solar. And finding that while it's possible to do solar in this area .the cost of large scale collection and storage  makes it to expensive to be economical. And solar is too unpredictable.  Hydronic masonry heaters are much more affordable and friendly too use. The true end result of solar energy is biomass. The forest is literally the best solar collection field on the planet.  and the best solar storage tank is wood. It doesn't cost anything until you go get it.

Once you have it, it never looses that energy if kept dry. It's %100 renewable and when fired in a masonry heater it's clean burning. Now with the precast heaters I have the cost and build time to make them affordable for almost anyone. And they are one of the fastest returns on your money, which is  approximately 3 years.

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